Auto Insurance in Gretna, Harvey, Metairie and New Orleans, LA

December 26, 2016

Auto insurance options and considerations

Botsay Agency can help you with reliable and effective auto insurance in Gretna, Harvey, Metairie or New Orleans. They offer a range of auto insurance solutions including standard auto, preferred auto, liability cover, no-fault, uninsured drivers, RVs, trailers, classic and vintage, comprehensive and watercraft. When it comes to car insurance there are two main components: coverage and cost.

Standard auto insurance is geared at the average person with average or normal risks. This type of car insurance usually includes liability or 3rd party cover, collision insurance and comprehensive insurance.

Liability cover protects your financial interests if you are sued by a 3rd party for damages or injuries caused by your negligent driving. Some level of liability insurance is compulsory. Collision insurance will cover your vehicle repairs or replacement following a road accident. Comprehensive insurance covers you for damages that results from other events (other than a road accident). These could include storm damage, auto theft, vandalism and so on. It is also important to know the amount for which you are covered and what if any risks are excluded. You should also be aware of any excesses or co-payments.

The other important component of car insurance is the cost. The lowest cost car insurance will be preferred auto. This type of policy is geared towards low risk drivers. When deciding your premiums or policy cost the insurance carrier will compare your data to actuarial data. For example, if you have previous driving offences your premiums will be higher. Other factors that influence cost include age, driving habits, the vehicle insured, your location, your credit score as well as anti-theft and similar devices.

Apart from standard motor cars, you can extend your auto insurance to include classic vehicles, RV’s and watercraft.