Auto insurance in Gretna, Metairie and Harvey, LA

August 31, 2016

Auto insurance tailored to your needs

There are many aspects to auto insurance and therefore it’s good to know you can get car insurance tailored to your needs, risks, circumstances and budget. Whether you call it car insurance, vehicle insurance or auto insurance does not really matter. What matters is that you are covered for you real risks at a price that is realistic and competitive. That is the kind of vehicle insurance you can get from Botsay Notaries and Insurance agents. The can help you with best value auto insurance in Gretna, Harvey, Metairie and New Orleans.

You might just want to cover yourself in the event of damage or injury to someone else. That is generally referred to as liability or 3rd party insurance. Third party insurance is an important component of vehicle insurance – in fact it is a compulsory part of auto insurance in most if not all states. Third party insurance covers you if you accidently cause injury or damage to others. Every car or vehicle owner has a social responsibility to others. The law requires that you should be in a position to compensate others if your actions result in injury or property damage to third parties. To be sure that you can do that, the law requires that you hold liability insurance that is current and covers certain specified amounts.

As a vehicle owner you also face the risk of damage to your car or truck as well as the possibility of personal injury. Third party insurance only covers losses sustained by others – it does not cover your own personal losses. Since road accidents are a real risk it makes sense to carry adequate collision coverage as part of your auto insurance. There are other options as well such as coverage for theft, road side assistance and more.

Costs are also an important component of auto insurance and there are things you can bring to the table to bring those costs down. It is a good idea to get the right advice from the people who really know and understand auto insurance.