Business Insurance in Metairie, Harvey and Gretna, LA

September 7, 2016

Business Insurance that’s affordable and effective

If you need affordable and effective business insurance in Gretna, Harvey, Metairie or New Orleans, then Botsay Insurance can help. They carefully design and craft commercial insurance to meet your specific needs. They also understand there are common risks faced by all business owners and there are specific risks that pertain to specific business. For example, a restaurant and a retail shop face common risks such as fire and theft. But each also has its own specific risks particular to the industry, market and locations in question.

What is important is that you have business insurance that looks after your business properly. If you own commercial premises your business insurance should cover your buildings and structures. Whether you own or rent your commercial insurance should also cover your equipment and contents. If you own vehicles you will definitely need commercial auto insurance.

Severe damage or loss will likely mean you won’t be able to operate your business normally for a while. Business interruption insurance will cover you in such an event. If you have a large debtors book you may need to consider accounts receivable cover. This could cover you if a debtor defaults or if your financial records are destroyed.

Glass cover is another important consideration especially for retail outlets that have large glass frontage. Fidelity cover provides financial protection in the event of losses due to fraudulent acts of staff members. Goods in transit cover is important of you regularly transport valuable goods. Other types of business insurance you will need to consider include liability cover, workman’s compensation and professional indemnity.

You may be able to cover a number of things under one Business Owners Policy (BOP). You may need to get additional cover for risks and events that are not covered by your BOP.

It is always a good idea to have the experts help you when deciding the exact nature of your business or commercial insurance.