homeowners insurance plans in Metairie and New Orleans

March 6, 2017

The Botsay agency provides best value homeowners insurance plans in Gretna, Harve, Kenner, Metairie and New Orleans. That means home insurance with best coverage at the lowest possible price. If you own your own home, then homeowner’s insurance is essential.  Your mortgage company will also insist on home insurance as a condition of your bond.

Understanding your coverage is important when you apply for home insurance. This is specifically relevant when it comes to things such as flood and windstorm insurance. Most home insurance policies don’t cover flood damage. Knowing what you are insured for and what things are excluded is extremely important. Another important aspect is knowing how much you are insured for. You don’t want to be underinsured and you don’t want to be over insured.

Homeowners insurance covers your liabilities, buildings and structures. Home insurance should also cover your fixtures and fittings, appliances, equipment and personal possessions. Certain high value items such as artwork, collections and jewelry may need to be specified separately or insured separately. Again, you need to be aware not all risks are covered. Natural disasters such as floods are not covered under a standard homeowner’s policy.

Homeowners insurance is not just for home owners. Even if your rent your home, you have valuables inside your home which you should insure. Renters insurance is not expensive and save you a great deal of money should your personal possessions and valuables be damages or stolen.

Homeowners insurance is a complicated field and as with most things its best to get expert advice and help before making a final decision. It is easier to get the right home insurance from the beginning than trying to change course after the fact.  A home insurance expert such as Botsay will help you with the right homeowner’s insurance for your circumstances.