Title Transfer in Kenner, Harvey, Gretna, New Orleans, LA

June 7, 2016

The importance of title transfers

If you are planning to give or sell your vehicle to another person then it is essential on your part to transfer the title of your car to the prospective car owner. We at Botsay can help you with your title transfers. People residing in an around Kenner, New Orleans, Gretna, River Ridge, Harvey and Metairie, LA can make the most of our services.

Why a title transfer is needed?

A title transfer is generally needed due to,

  • Buying or selling a new car
  • Buying or selling a used car
  • Donating or gifting a car or receiving a car as a donation or gift
  • Bequeathing or inheriting a car
  • Changing the car owner’s name
  • Changing a car’s ownership between family members
  • Complete payment of vehicle loans

Whether you have given away or sold your car or bought a car or gifted one there is a technique to switch car ownership that is transferring the title. Prior to driving off ensure that the transaction is official via completing the transfer needs of your state. Transfer of title has many obvious perks like being capable of registering your vehicle and catering legal needs. Apart from this there are many more benefits such as if you sell your car transferring the title will keep you away from the responsibility for the car. Hence, if the car is cited for a traffic violation or meets with an accident, you can relax as you will not be held accountable anymore. On the other hand, if you are a buyer then title transferring will make sure that your car purchase is non-contestable and legally binding. So in the future if you are associated with selling or buying of a car, consult with our experts and enjoy peace of mind. We are available online and also over the phone 24/7.